Saturday, 18 June 2011

new Ettin pics

The picture on the last post was terrible, can't seem to take any decent pics! Tried a different approach with some floor tiles as a background. Worked a lot better than the white background of the previous pic.

...and a pic with a couple of  blurry 15mm adventures for scale :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

painted Ettin

Here's the paint job I did on the Ettin conversion. Skin ended up more green than I planned but pretty happy with the colour, a mix of vallejo charred brown and scury green.

Friday, 10 June 2011

28mm Ogre = 15mm Ettin

That damn'd scale creep means alot of the old pre-slotta 28's are too small by todays standards. This superb old Ral Partha 28mm two-headed ogre measures in around 32mm's to the eyes. Wouldn't be hard to find a standard human figure this size these days! Still this will be perfect for an ad&d Ettin in 15mm scale. The monster manual had these at 13' and over so the figure is perfect size wise. It looks great along side a 15mm character figure!

The right hand originally had no weapon so I added a spear which I'll paint up as a crude, rusted iron javelin. This was just a case of drilling through the clenched fist and gluing some brass rod  in place which was given a rough texture with some green stuff.

The faces were really nice on the model, was a bit reluctant to change them but I wanted to give him a proper 1st ed look. The monster manual describes how these look alot like orcs and those being the pig-faced variety I added some large piggy snouts to the heads.

I'm planning on painting this the same colour as the description of orcs so it'll have dark greeny brown skin with the snoutsand ears being a "pinkish". Going to be funny looking but hopfully will have the feel of the illustration from the old MM.