Thursday, 2 December 2010

painted Space Gray

For a long time a picture of this figure was on the tengu site primed but unpainted. Can't remember why he never got painted with the others. Painting him up was one of those things I kept meaning to do but never quite got round to, until the other day. Went for the orange look for this fellow's suit using Vallejo Bronzed Flesh.

Someone on a forum asked the question why would Greys be wearing spacesuits? Good question! Here's a group photo of the current figures from the range. I'll have some new Greys with my next batch of figures, something I'm looking forward to since I'll then be able to field a skirmish force.

I'm thinking of making a change to the current UX01 pack by removing the blue space-suited fellow and adding another standard Grey Alien. Could make the pack more useful. The suited Grey will be available separately like the others.

1 comment:

  1. I love the suited greys. After all they won't be able to breathe everywhere they go and maybe they need to do spacewalks too. Maybe the suit is part of the saucers flight-control systems? And maybe they have been cooperating with NASA? Greys secretly working alongside humans on the ISS or on another secret black-ops space station? You heard it here first! Besides they just plain look cool.

    I think shifting the suited grey out of the pack is a good idea especially for people wanting to get several packs as he's in the most distinct pose and so would look the least good with multiples on the table.

    And i'm definately looking forward to your next batch of Greys! So far the range is the best Grey minis i've ever seen by a very wide margin.