Friday, 14 January 2011

Painting set-up

For years I used old paint pots to hold figures whilst painting but occassionally this lead to access issues with some parts of the figure because the top of the paint pot was often larger than the base of the figure. Then last year I started using a different method inspired by one on the DnD Lead site.... here.  The guy over there was using nails as miniature holders but I ended up using screws instead of nails. Basically by supergluing some coins to the top of a screw you can create a great figure holder. The screw thread gives good grip when handling the figure holder, nice and non-slip!

A cardboard box with holes in will hold many of these in place. This is where the figures go when priming and between painting. By giving the screw a spin when placing them in the holes they bite into the cardboard staying secure.

The way the figure holders grip becomes really useful when priming multiple figures. The whole box can be turned upside down to prime the underside areas without the figures dropping off so many figures can be primed quickly at the same time. As well as turning the box while priming the individual figures can be turned in the hole, a quick way of getting a even coat of primer on lots of figures.

Now just finding some time to paint them.... ;)

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