Friday, 25 March 2011

Threshold team for Strange Aeons

Some pics of my two man Threshold team for Strange Aeons. I thought it would be cool to have a character with a Long Bow from the weapons list in Shocking Tales #1 and from this developed the character Nagaski Jones. Dr Jones is a converted Black Hat samurai and Mr Boone is a Copplestone Hillybilly.

Character: Dr Nagasaki Jones

Eccentric Professor of Archeology and Folklore, dedicated practitioner of both Kendo and Kyudo, Dr Jones never enters the field without his antique samurai armour, katana and bow.
Skills: Command, Parry
Equipment: Katana (Civil War Saber), Long Bow, Metal Point Arrows, Light Armour

Agent: Mr Clement Boone

Appalachian mountain man Clem was a loner who came to the attention of the Threshold when a local newspaper reported a story about Clems bizarre ravings about "flying space crabs" which he said had been harrassing him for months during the winter of 1929. Clem is currently the only member of Threshold to have actual first hand knowledge of the mysterious alien race Mi-go.

Skills: Dex increase
Equipment: Bolt action rifle, Hollow point bullets, Wood axe (meat cleaver).

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