Monday, 18 October 2010

Son of Yog-Sothoth assembly.

Here's a quick guide to putting together a Son of Yog Sothoth model. It's pretty easy with some drilling and pinning, and then some filling needed.
Here are the parts in their raw form, two sprues of metal tentacles and the resin body.

First up I took a few minutes to fill in any air bubbles/mould lines that made it to the surface of the body.

Next up tentacles will need to be snipped apart then they're ready for drilling. I found it best to get these all drilled and with the wire glued in place before the next stage. Stuff used pin vice, 1mm drill bit, super glue, wire, and snippers.

Once they were all done with the wire glued in place I was time to start positioning them on the body. It was a case of drilling holes and seeing how the tentacles looked in that position.

At this stage I had all the tentacles glued in position. Being white metal I was able to add more twist and bend to some of them.

Next stage is filling the gap between the metal and the resin body to smooth out the join. Any type of putty can be used for this, I used a 50/50 mix of milliput and green stuff.

Working around the model all gaps were filled and then the putty was left to cure. That was all the modelling done, next up was to wash the model in some soapy water and once it was dry I stuck it to an old paint pot with some blu tack and primed it grey ready for painting.


  1. Will have to get one of these when I order my zombies now.

  2. Hello!

    Great model.
    Please, can you tell me what is the size of that model ?
    I didn't find the info on

    Thanks a lot.