Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Tengu Models scale pics

Someone asked about the size of the Son of Yog-Sothoth model when it was posted on TGN so I thought I'd take some scale pics of the model and some other Tengu figures.


  1. That's a big ol beastie.
    And it's good to have all the scale pics.

    You do great work on proportions.

    I'm really loving the Greys i got. When i ordered them I wasn't expecting them to be so well scaled next to other miniatures from the pics by themselves, thy are really brilliant.

    So will you be doing some Mi-Go miniatures? Perhaps you might like to see some "mysterious photographs purporting to be Mi-Go" i have in my collection (actually some artworks i made a few years ago)

  2. Cheers, I'm currently working on sculpting more Greys to expand the range. I need some with weapons so the invasion can begin!

    And yes the mi-go are coming ;) will check out your artworks.